Motivation can be simply defined as the things that induce us to take certain actions or behave in a certain way. It is the why or the reason that drives a person towards a desired goal.
Transparency is guaranteed with the power of the Blockchain which ensures a secure transactional ecosystem of personal data,
funds, results and limitless entertainment.
BlockGaming is the first cryptocurrency platform that allows players and casinos to interact directly with cryptocurrency without transfers and ensures fair cost per actions deals.
We are lounching The RakeCoin
RakeCoin, The Token, is the pillar of this new transparent ecosystem.

BlockGaming is the network, the community that through incentive structures provides value to every other party involved via RakeCoins, starting with the players and the game providers; guaranteeing transparency, security, provability and reliability at all times.
About RakeCoin
  • RNG - operator and player seed, hashed togetherto create a random number
  • Part of the gaming ecosystem like it has not been done yet
  • Transaction cost are lower
  • Hosting fees are eliminated
  • Provably fair
  • Complex auditing processes will be a thing of the past
Blockchain technology is HERE TO STAY
Blokchain technology is not just about solving some of the longest-standing problems within the online gambling arena, but really and truly it is the harbinger of the next technological revolution, the greatest ever since the advent of the Internet.

This will signal a mad scramble for a place in the post-blockchain era, especially for all businesses and companies within the online gambling industry.

The online casino will reshape itself, and pioneers such as Blockgaming have everything to gain and nothing to lose, as they can potentially ride the wave onto a new technological age.
Expert opinions
Jonathan, Managingng Director
of Blockchain Advisory Ltd
"The future of gaming will be built using the blockchain technology; that much is clear.

So far, we have seen mostly new actors making use of this groundbreaking novelty, and very little established companies have done little more than dip their toes.
iGamingPlatform, through its BlockGaming arm, sets to revolutionise gaming as we know it and bring in a totally new experience for players through its RakeCoin project. The team has bundles of gaming experience and a sound reputation to boot, and it will be extremely exciting to see how RakeCoin will change the gaming landscape."
Q1 2018
Private Pre-sale
Q2 2018
TestNet release
The Genesis casino launch
Q3 2018
The expansion - First batch of
BlockGaming Casino sites go live
Q4 2018
Legal Framework - Legal proposal
to the regulating systems
Q1 2019
Wallet SDK Release - Public
availability of the SDK for
integration in any platform
Q2 2019
Release of OpenSource Hot and MultiSig Cold
Wallet - Public availability of the OpenSource
SDK for integration in any platform
Q3 2019
Token Tradable